About us

Welcome to Direct-farms!

Direct-farms is a Digital Vcard and Whatsapp store product to empower business owners to get online presence.

By using the Direct-farms Platform users can:- 1:- Create their own Vcard and send it to their customers. 2:- Create their own e-commerce stores and Customers can send their orders online. Users will receive orders on their WhatsApp.

What Direct-farms do ?

Direct-farms is a Digital Business Card and WhatsApp store creator. With the help of Direct-farms you can create your own digital Vcard(Business card) and also take orders on your WhatsApp to attract your customers. By the method of reducing papers. We proceed to digital business cards / digital Vcards. It's a new conception and helps us to convert to digitalization. The major features are, that these cards will be updatable at any moment and anywhere, Truly easy to participate, Compatible with all current surfaces, QR enabled and further and further. On this COVID position. All businesses are going to convert digitalization. So, Let’s move to ultramodern technology. Kickoff using digital Vcards.